Postmodern Pulpit Referral Program


Help another church. Get a $50 gift card — for both of you!

We grow our business the way healthy churches grow — through relationships.

When you tell your friends about Postmodern Pulpit and they sign up for services, we’ll send you BOTH a $50 Amazon gift card.

$50 for you.
$50 for them.

You’re freed up to do great ministry.
Everybody wins.

Did we mention the $50 gift card?

Email Your Friends

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Hi Steve,

I’ve recently signed up with Postmodern Pulpit and am having an amazing experience. I thought of you and your ministry needs, and thought this could be an excellent solution for you.

If you do end up signing up, drop my name in the Contact form, and we’ll both get a $50 Amazon gift card. Can’t hurt, right?

Postmodern Pulpit exists to walk alongside ministry leaders and free them up to do the Kingdom work they've been called to do. Offload your website and technology woes on us. It's easy, affordable, and you'll be glad you did.